Nickname for poker is what you are in life

Nickname for poker is what you are in life
August 8, 2018 No Comments Nickname happydog174
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When you first sit down at the gaming table, immediately what you are paying attention to is the nicknames (nickname) of the players and their avatars. However, you come across them much earlier – at the registration stage. Therefore, nicknames for poker and avatars is the next question after such an important procedure as choosing a poker room. And no less important. What you need to pay attention when choosing a nickname for poker?
What nicknames you should not choose
The first thing that comes to mind is that the nickname for poker should reflect your character, and, consequently, your style of play, because not only beginners are registered – experienced players also sometimes move from room to room in search of a more profitable and interesting game. We can say right away that this approach is not entirely correct. The connection of a poker name with the style of play at the training stage of poker will bring more problems than benefits – it is easier for a more experienced opponent to remember him and use this knowledge to win.
You should not choose nicknames for poker, which will be clear, and therefore well remembered, to foreign players. There are a lot of them and they, it must be admitted, play well, in order to use the knowledge of your gaming techniques against you. The same applies to avatars – you should not choose a flag or your photo as an avatar, better than something neutral. And when you become famous, your nickname and avatar will be known to every poker player, regardless of his memorability.
Nicknames of poker players must satisfy several conditions:
• like the player himself. It will be difficult to play if the nickname is unpleasant or reminds the player of some negative emotions;
• be harmonious and easy to write. Your poker name often has to be spoken in a conversation or correspondence with friends who share your passion;
• match well with first and last name. Maybe the time will come when your name along with your nickname will be pronounced in conjunction with the word “champion”;
• have a positive energy. So accepted. And never a name with negative energy brought good luck to the owner.

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