Offline Poker Etiquette

Offline Poker Etiquette
July 11, 2018 No Comments Etiquette happydog174
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Having learned poker from scratch and played enough online poker, one day we still want to play real poker with real people, go to a poker club or casino and experience the whole atmosphere that prevails at the poker table. To begin with, there are some rules of behavior, the non-observance of which leads to errors in the game.
ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CHIPS OF THE CARD ON THE TABLE. Your cards should always be on the table. In any poker institution it is forbidden to drop cards below the table, as well as remove them from the table.
DECLARE YOUR BETTING IN ADVANCE AND SO THAT THE DEALER HEARS IT. Very often, novice players make such a mistake: they raise just silently putting the chip in large denominations.
DO NOT SHOW YOUR CARDS AFTER THAT HAVE DECLARED A RESET. If you are left alone with your opponent and throw away the cards, do not show them to any of the players or your friend, in this case you will be required to show the cards to the whole table.
DO NOT TOUCH COUNTERS AND CARDS. In offline poker, you don’t need to throw chips into a pile of chips that form a pot. This can cause confusion, greatly slow down the course of the game, while the dealer will select your chips from the total pot.
DISCUSSION OF THE GAME. Talking two players involved in the distribution is not empty talk – it is getting information about each other’s cards, it’s like sharpening blades before a fight. You do not need to intervene in this peaceful exchange of replicas, since you can interfere with the players.
DEALER ALSO MAN. It often happens that a poker dealer may be mistaken in counting chips or determining hand strength. Not because of ignorance, but because of inattention. Dealers are people too, and while you are relaxing playing poker, they are at work and may be on your watch for 10 hours already.
THE IMPRESSION OF ANOTHER’S MAP. It is considered a very bad tone to take or even touch the cards of your opponents. Firstly, a lot of superstitions are connected with this, and secondly, this may seem like a fraud. The same goes for player chips.
DO NOT TIGHTEN THE GAME. There is nothing wrong in thinking about making a difficult decision. No one will tell you anything and will not be customized. But you can’t misuse this: every player at the table has the right to demand that you set a timer, if you have been sitting too long in thought.

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