Self control in poker

Self control in poker
October 5, 2018 No Comments Self control happydog174
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Self-control in poker is the most important component of a positive player. If you do not own yourself, you will never become a successful player. Therefore, learning from the Academy of Poker teaches not only to play correctly, but also to control yourself. If you rush headlong into a crazy game, with each hand thinking that you can win, that luck cannot turn away from you every time, in the end you will leave the table with nothing.
If you play poker, relying only on your bluff and recklessness in the hope that today is your day, then it will not end well. There are also a lot of cases where people do not even think about any tactics. Just like the card, just set. A pocket? Fives? All-in? Sure, not a problem! These are the fives. How often do the fives win? How often will another one come on the river? This is all a matter of chance. Such attempts to win must be avoided. You need to clearly control your actions. It does not say that bluffing is bad. Bluffing is good. But he needs to learn, like any other way to draw his cards. If you suffer self-control – this is bad. It is necessary to find a way to change the situation for the better for you.
Self-control should manifest itself not only when you lose, but also when you win. Euphoria from victory is destructive. Psychology in poker is generally a serious thing. We are not talking about the fact that we should not react at all to victory, we just need to correctly express our emotions. At the table you should always be focused and nothing more. Won the distribution, I was glad, a new distribution started, forget about the previous one. Not so long ago there was a case when one fairly good player won the cash a good amount of money and decided to relax. I drank beer, then another and another. And in the end came out from the table with zero. He began to complain about travel and stuff. Moving nothing to do with. If a person sets the task to win at poker, and not to ride for the sake of pleasure, then alcohol is superfluous.

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